Years of Working Experience in this field

About Our Company

We Provide top industrial Services.

Level 1 B-BBEE

We are proudly South African, 100% Black-Owned Enterprise, and within the South African Framework.

Working with Community

We work successfully with local communities and government to effectively contribute to socio-economic.

Master Tract (Pty) Ltd prides itself on being a leader by providing quality products matched with exceptional service within the mining supplies, heavy duty machinery, engineering and construction industries, including general supplies and maintenance, within major industrial sectors.

T he growth and sustainability of our company will rely on, in the short term, a focus on providing excellent service at a reduced costs.

To be a recognized reputable mining contractor focused on growing sustainable production, delivering on our commitments for excellence and valuing and developing our employees.

Is to continue to drive customer service at our existing and future projects and position Master Tract as a preferred service provider across mining, refinery and smelter industries.